Auto Quad Airgun Target

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  • Air Venturi Auto-Quad Airgun Target
  • Shoot-to-reset target gallery
  • Five 1.75" twist-designed target paddles (including reset paddle) for a lifetime of fun
  • Long-last, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Easy setup - no tools required
  • For .177-, .20- and .22-caliber lead pellets and low ricochet lead BBs only
  • Minimum distance: 10 yards
  • Maximum muzzle energy: 22 ft/lbs
  • Caliber guide: .177-caliber/1,000 fps, .20-caliber/800 fps, .22-caliber/800 fps
  • Dimensions: 10.5" W x 8" D x 13.5" H

Use this target to train and you will see AND hear the impact! Hit any of the four hanging metal targets, and they swing out of the way. Shoot the top center target to reset them. Heavy-duty steel construction and twist-designed paddles deliver a lifetime of fun! The complete system folds for simple storage and portability.

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